<![CDATA[Lynette Terese - Summer 2013 Internship Blog]]>Sat, 26 Dec 2015 16:22:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Waiting for ADPi Christmas Morning!]]>Wed, 26 Jun 2013 02:20:48 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/waiting-for-adpi-christmas-morningNails done? Check. Bags packed? Check. Ticket? Check. 

Tomorrow is the big day were the interns will be hitting the ground running for the event we have been working up to all summer - 162nd Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention.  #ISTHISREALLIFE?! To say we are all a litte excited, I think would be an understatement. From lasting minute shopping for banquet outfits, searching for 3 ounce bottles, and packing for every possible fashion emergency - we all have Dallas on the mind. 
The office has been very quiet this week, as most of the staff is already in Dallas. But we have been trying our best to keep the Convention excitement going from Atlanta. We have been stuffing Alpha packets, cutting ribbon, making photocopies and all sorts of tasks to pass the time as we chit chat about the excitement to come. 
I am also very excited to be reunited with some sisters that I met last summer as an attendee of IMPACT, which took place about this time last June. At IMPACT, I was surrounded by other women who were selected as rising leaders in their chapters. From Epsilon Mu Spirit Chair to now Membership Education Vice President, and Executive Office Intern you could say IMPACT really inspired me to make my ADPi experience all that it can be. I am very excited to see one of my fellow IMPACT pride members Christine that I met last summer, as well as Emma who I became friends with on the airport shuttle right as I landed in Atlanta. Though we all creep on each others facebooks, tweet at one another, like every diamond photo the others post, and of course repin all their ADPi swag on Pinterest - it is very exciting to be seeing these sisters in person again. 
With Christine - IMPACT 2012. 
With Emma - IMPACT 2012. 
Hopefully there will be lots of sweet dreams at the Pi palace tonight, with dreams of Alphies dancing in our heads. And some Zzz quil will hopefully aid in that to combat the overwhelming excitement ;)
Let the long days, and sleepless nights begin! ADPi Wonderland is just a short flight away - and I am very excited that my next post will be coming to you from Dallas Texas!

Sending Love from Atlanta!

<![CDATA[Look Out Dallas Here We Come!!]]>Sun, 23 Jun 2013 03:01:48 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/look-out-dallas-here-we-come
Well, I know I have been a recent failure when it comes to my blog but that just goes to show how crazy things have been here at EO. This past Friday was our big day, and I have to agree with Miss Sally in saying - I never thought it would arrive. But it did and we were more prepared than I would have ever imagined. Almost 400 boxes waited, numbered and logged ready to be loaded onto the semi to begin their journey to Dallas. 
I am very excited to be joining these boxes on Wednesday and to get Convention 2013 underway. We have 162 years of sisterhood to celebrate, and without giving any secrets away I will just say I think it will be a convention to remember. Its crazy that my whole summer had been working up until this past Friday, and now I am just waiting in anticipation for Wednesday. 
I promise plenty of pictures and blogs to come! I am sure there will be a lot of hard work, a lot of hours put in, and very little sleep but the best is yet to come!
<![CDATA[The Alpha Delta Pi Dream Tour]]>Mon, 17 Jun 2013 03:26:40 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/the-alpha-delta-pi-dream-tourHoly cow - that is the only way I think most of us can describe our tour of Macon Georgia!
As my blogs before have covered, this past Friday we took a trip to Macon Georgia to visit some of the landmarks of ADPi history. 

First Stop - Rose Hill Cemetery

Rose Hill Cemetery in where the Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald is now buried. As the original Alpha Delta Pi women she is the one who started it all. This is also very important to sorority women around the world, not just ADPi's. As the founder of the first secret society for women, she started what we know as sorority life today. 
Mother Fitzgerald was originally buried in Texas, but the Alpha Delta Pi's of Macon decided that it was important that she be buried at home in Macon next to her husband. She was then exhumed from her grave and moved to her now eternal resting spot in Macon. Her grave is in a fenced area that is kept up by Alpha Delta Pi.   Below you can check out my pictures from her grave sight, because of course, we had to get some in before our next stop!

Onto the Cannonball House!

The Cannonball House is basically a museum that has a room dedicated to Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Mu. Phi Mu was founded in 1852, and rumor has it that is was founded by Eugenia's roommate that she would not allow into that Adelphean Society so she decided to start her own. 

It houses the original portraits of the Founder's that are replicated at Memorial Headquarters. It is filled with various ADPi artifacts from pins to sliver that members donated. It serves the purpose of commemorating the significane of the founding of Alpha Delta Pi in Macon and is one more place for ADPi's to visit and become part of the history of Alpha Delta Pi. 

Look Out Wesleyan Here We Come!

Though the Wesleyan Campus today is not the same campus in which Alpha Delta Pi was founded on, and there is no sororities on campus today, Wesleyan has done a great job of perserving the memories of both Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Mu, and the significance their campus had in their founding. Our first stop was the Adelphean Fountain. 
Different pieces of the Fountain were donated on various occasions to help commemorate the importance of Wesleyan and its ties to Alpha Delta Pi. (Not to mention to my ADPi sisters - we are the only ones on campus with a fountain(; ...). The steps are engraved with the names of our founders and some of the first members, as well as "We Live for One Another" Its guarded by two Alphies, of course, (for those non-ADPi's that's the name of our lions mascot), and has a crest centered before the fountain in the middle. And I could not help but take the chance to hop in and take a picture :). 
The ADPi history did not stop there from a bench outside the library with the crest and names of the Founders, to the Adelphean Parlor filled with pins and pictures, and finally we got a sneak peak into a new addition of ADPi history on campus. In the library they are starting to develop a new room called the Wesleyan Room which will be filled with all the paper histories of ADPi. We got to sneak in and flip through programs, year books, the 100 year commemoration book, and all kinds of pieces of ADPi history.

 It was a very long but very worth while day! Being there made Alpha Delta Pi so much more real, walking the town they walked, seeing the pictures, books and buildings, to even just the many things that commemorate our founding - you can't help but realize how much bigger all of this is than just yourself. If there was one wish that I could have had that day, it would have to have been to have all my Epsilon Mu sisters there with me. I think that this is something every Alpha Delta Pi should get to experience and because I know that isn't the case I am so thankful that I am one of the lucky ones who can. 

No matter how many violets we right, how much alphabetizing we spend our days doing - this day made this experience stand out above any other. And I am so thankful for that!

Sending Love from Atlanta!

<![CDATA[My, My, My Little ADPi - History EditionĀ ]]>Thu, 13 Jun 2013 20:50:27 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/my-my-my-little-adpi-history-editionOur work week is officially over and it has been a very busy one! Today we worked on registrations, violets, and more and more packing! In one week we will be packing up and getting it all on its way to Dallas. 

Today did bring a nice break with a ritual workshop with Miss Sally. I know we can all say that this was very interesting and educational! We went over Initiation, New Member ceremonies, songs and talked all about all things ritual. It was a wonderful break from the work week, and I think we can all agree with Miss Sally when she said that this is the kind of thing that makes her keeping coming back to work at Alpha Delta Pi. The history does not stop there, as we are all very excited for our trip to Macon Georgia tomorrow to visit Wesleyan College. 
Wesleyan College in Macon Georgia was the first college to give a degree to a woman. This revolutionary school did more than just change women's perspectives on education and their future, it also is home to the first secret society for women - The Adelphean Society established in 1851. We now know this society as Alpha Delta Pi. Though this was before the term "sorority" was coined it paved the way for what we know as a sorority today. 
Six women decided that there was more to college than studies, and agreed to a higher standard of scholarship, service, sisterhood and self. Wesleyan College was home to the Alpha chapter of ADPi until sorority life was removed from their campus. Our tour will include visiting the grave of our original sorority mother - Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, and visiting the Cannonball House which is a tribute to the founding of Alpha Delta Pi on the Wesleyan Campus. 
I am sure there will be a blog post shortly following my arrival back in Atlanta and many pictures as well!
Needless to say, there is plenty of excitement in EO this evening!

Sending Love from Atlanta!
<![CDATA[Let the Packing Continue!]]>Wed, 12 Jun 2013 02:02:04 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/let-the-packing-continueWeek two is underway and there has been lots going on in Executive Office, most importantly finishing up all the preparations for CONVENTION! 

Monday we had our Convention Staff Meeting - going over all the nitty gritty details of what has to be done, what has been done, and getting ready for the final packing day if you can believe it.. NEXT THURSDAY! Its crazy to think that Convention is already in full swing and in a little over a week all our hard work will be on its way to Dallas, Texas where we will meet it to pull off a wonderful, fabulous, ADPi-tastic event! 
Over 170 of our 300 boxes we are taking are packed and ready to go, and the end is in sight! As I talked about in my first blog post, I am shadowing Miss Sally Thomas. Miss Sally is in charge of all the packing and many of the event details. I have learned many things from Miss Sally especially in regards to events. Just a few of these being, have your own boxing tape and box cutter, put your name on it, and don't share it with anyone. I have also learned that there is a method to every bit of madness, and each box needs a number, and all of its contents need to be logged. This is not Miss Sally's first rodeo, and I am sure that all of her hard work and preparations will help pull off a close to, if not flawless event. 

Lions, and Diamonds, and VIOLETS OH MY!!

One of the other tasks the other interns and myself have been busy at work at is Violets for My Sister. For my non-ADPi readers, this is a program put on by the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation for sisters to send a violet to their sisters and the money goes to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation to support collegiate women with scholarships and educational programming. Any sister can send one, even to a sister not attending Convention so hint hint to all my sister friends reading this to send them to your chapter representatives and diamond sisters to support the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation!

There have been lots of Violets coming in and the deadline is fast approaching, so make sure to get in your order soon and they will be Convention ready when you arrive. Otherwise you can surely purchase them there!

In our free time we have found a new favorite place to eat - Yeah! Burger, and are soon to be familiar faces we are sure. We are also getting a little more adventurous and looking from some fun new areas to walk around and see the sites of Atlanta in. Our navigating skills are leaving a little to be desired as our trip to Virginia Highlands went from a 1.5 mile walk to a 4 mile trip and the 25 minute estimated walk quickly became closer to an hour. The burger was well worth that long hike, and luckily we were able to make it home in a much shorter trip. 

Meeting the Roommates: Miss Elkin Girgenti

This lovely lady can be found dreaming of brunch, listening to Taylor Swift, or Googling the current flavors of her favorite Cupcakery at home. She is a firm believer in Affirmative Action, and always have a story for everything. Her laugh is very contagious, and she is always excited about life and pugs. 

True Color - Personality Color: Green
School: Virginia Tech 
Major: English and Literature - Pre-law
Favorite Food: Mexican
ADPi Positions: Recruitment Vice President 

 Why Did You Apply: She applied on whim - she wanted to get more involved in ADPi.

Dream Job: Be a tour manager for musicians ( cough cough TSwift) 

Sending Love from Atlanta!!

<![CDATA[Week One Comes to an End]]>Sun, 09 Jun 2013 02:01:32 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/week-one-comes-to-an-endWell we made it threw week one in Atlanta, and it was a busy one! Since my last blog the regular hustle and bustle of getting ready for convention in combination with some exciting visitors we have had an exciting week. Picture
One Wednesday we were all filled with excitement throughout the entire day, building up to a dinner with Alpha Delta Pi - International President, Ms. Tammie Pinkston. (Picture to left from 2013 Leadership Seminar with sister Sam Winkler, and Ms. Pinkston) We all made sure we were dressed to impress, and excited for the dinner to come. We started our meeting with talking about how Ms. Pinkston got to where she is today. From being Music Chair of her chapter to President, advisor to International President. We talked about so many things - servant leadership, empowering women, working women, shopping, TJ Maxx and our own Alpha Delta Pi chapters. I am sad to say that Ms. Pinkston is not a fan of Iowa (to many corn fields - not enough shopping) but was very supportive of an Iowa girl in Atlanta. 

Overall, I think all the interns agree that the time spent with Ms. Pinkston made this internship standout above other experiences. 

We also had a special guest this week - Marlene Kruelle - owner of Sorority Spirit. For those non-Greeks reading this, this is the owner of the one stop shop for Alpha Delta Pi gear, swag, and so much more. We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of all the new items that will be revealed at convention - and let me tell you sisters, there is plenty to be excited for! 
Friday brought our first casual Friday in the office, and that meant packing for convention! Overseas Fair flashbacks flooded my mind, and I was very excited for something that I knew I had lots of practice and expertise at. We were able to see everything any anything that goes into convention, packed in a perfect system, specific box sizes, and numbered and charted. The event management side of me was geeking out all Friday!
In our spare time we have had a lot of fun exploring and seeing the many different side of Atlanta. One thing that I have learned is that for ice cream you go to Zesto's and if you do not get a chocolate shake it is not even worth it. I also learned that the local Publix workers are very good at remembering the customers, as we have become a familiar face and recognized by the workers. 

We ventured out to a movie on Friday night to see "The Purge" and Saturday was spent with a trip to Piedmont park and the pool. 
After another trip to Publix to stock up on ice cream for a movie night in, we discovered a new favorite place to eat that I am sure we will be returning to again - Yeah Burger. From lamb, bison, turkey, chicken and regular beef burgers to a side of fried pickles, we were all very happy and very full after this new find!
Next week brings another week of shadowing, and packing. We are all very eager for our Convention Staff meeting on Monday to talk about all that Convention will entail. An exciting end of the week is visiting Macon Georgia, and Wesleyan College - the founding location of Alpha Delta Pi and the grave of Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, one of the Alpha Delta Pi Founders. It will be a very exciting trip I am sure, and we are all excited for our ADPi Nerd moments to come. There will be more details and stories to come that is for sure!
Sending Love from Atlanta!
<![CDATA[The Fun Has Begun!]]>Tue, 04 Jun 2013 20:57:23 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/the-fun-has-begunPicture
The internship has official begun! We started the internship with the true color exercise to understand what our personality color was and how we work with the colors of the other interns. No surprise to those who have taken the true color test before, I am a blue personality.

We were also welcomed to the office with staff breakfast where I was introduced to a new breakfast food I was crazy for missing out on - Chick Fil A, Chicken Mini's. I must say I was impressed, and have to admit I had been missing out.  

Besides learning of a new breakfast must have, I also learned so much more to Alpha Delta Pi than I had previously known of as a member. First, was the inner workings of Executive Office. Each department came and talked with us about what they work on, who they work with, and what parts of chapter life correlate to them. I also learned of the three different Alpha Delta Pi "companies" within Alpha Delta Pi. 

One of the other very exciting parts that wrapped up day one was for sure getting our shadow assignments for the internship. We will all be working on Convention, but have been given a specialty area to focus on. I will be working with Mrs Sally Thomas - Member Services Manager. Mrs. Thomas is a former member of Alpha Delta Pi Grand Council as well. 

I started my shadowing on Tuesday with sitting in on a managers meeting with the managers of each department within ADPi. After shadowing and talking a lot about the Convention plans to come with Mrs. Thomas, we had an expansion workshop learning about the process of colonizing chapters, and continued working in the Foundations Office and training. 

Overall it has been a buys two days, and the rest of the week is looking to be just as busy. 

Meeting the Roommates: Miss Hannah Joy

Miss Hannah Joy can always be found with a smile on her face, and is notorious for humming recruitment songs. She knows of the best YouTube videos, twitter parody accounts (#POE), and is a master of popping popcorn. I am thankful for this other Midwest girl in this Southern Jungle with me! 

Intern Nickname: Big Sexy
True Color - Personality Color: Blue
School: Ohio University 
Major: Public Relations 
Favorite Food: Sesame Chicken
ADPi Positions: Music Chair, MEVP

What Made You Apply: Always wanted to since her freshman year, decided to wait until she had a stronger position. Wanted to further her involvement in ADPi and work for something she loved. 

Dream Job: Work for ADPi or work for Sephoria, ULTA or some kind of beauty company. 

Sending Love From Atlanta!!
<![CDATA[Welcome to the South!]]>Sat, 01 Jun 2013 03:12:06 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/welcome-to-the-southPicture
Up, up, and away! The trip from Iowa is complete and I have landed in Atlanta! 

I was welcomed to the South by the Alpha Delta Pi staff and six of my new roommates! We started our first day off with a greeting from the Alpha Delta Pi International President Ms. Tammie Pinkston.

We learned about our new home, the jobs to come on a tour. For those of you who do not know, eight of us are making our new home in Alpha Delta Pi Memorial Headquarters. 

After our tour, we headed to Stone Mountain. For those who don't know (like me until I got there!) Stone Mountain is a giant rock.
It is a quartz rock "mountain" located in Stone Mountain, GA. The summit of the mountain is 1,686 feet. The walk up is about a mile, but a mile worth of rocks to climb. I was really wishing I had packed some tennis shoes, sperry's are not intended for rock climbing :)

It was a hike for sure, but the long trip up was well worth it when we reached the view at the top. You can see the Atlanta Skyline in the distance, and the tiny towns below. As any Alpha Delta Pi would know, any adventure is not complete without a diamond picture. 
It was an adventure for sure, and hopefully that means more adventure's to come! Our first day of work is Monday, so hopefully we can get a few more sites in this weekend!
Sending love from Atlanta!
<![CDATA[Let the Preparations Begin!]]>Thu, 16 May 2013 21:09:45 GMThttp://lynetteterese.weebly.com/summer-2013-internship-blog/let-the-preparations-beginPencils down, finals are complete! That is right classes are out and summer is in, and that means a few things. First, that there is a lot of unpacking to do. Second, I have a lot of repacking to do. Third, Atlanta is just around the corner!

Two weeks from today I will be getting on a flight and leaving home sweet Iowa for the next 40 days to embark on the biggest adventure thus far in my life.  With bags in hand, I will be on my way and this is your direct connection to follow me the entire way!  
"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams" - Oprah Winfrey